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²gether NHS Foundation Trust and Gloucestershire Young Carers have launched a Triangle of Care for young carers.

The Triangle of Care is a national scheme, introduced by the Carers’ Trust, which brings together carers, service users and professionals. It aims to promote safety and recovery for people with mental health issues, and encourage their wellbeing by including and supporting their carers.

Becca Shute, Head of Profession for Occupational Therapy for ²gether, said: “The young carers’ triangle follows the same principles as the adult carers’ one, but has been created separately to make sure the needs of young carers aren’t overlooked.

“This is our way of keeping our promise to work together to support young carers.”

Young carer Kira, aged 18, said she was very pleased young carers had their own Triangle of Care. She added: “It’s great to be formally included. If adult carers are, then we should be too.”

Michael, aged 18, who is also a young carer, explained why the young carers’ Triangle of Care is important: “It makes it clear to health care professionals where we as young carers fit in, and helps remind them that we need to be included as well when talking about the person we care for.”

The young carers’ Triangle of Care is based on six principles that mental health trusts can use to include and support carers:

  • Identify young carers and be aware of them
  • Make sure our staff are aware of young carers’ needs
  • Find the best ways to share information and keep people informed
  • Key people in ²gether to be responsible for carers and act as champions
  • Information and advice is available
  • Access to support is available

(Pictured, from left to right, are Becca Shute, Head of Profession for Occupational Therapy for ²gether, young carers Kira and Michael, and Ruth FitzJohn, Chair of ²gether NHS Foundation Trust.)