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The simple ideas that can make a big impact in health care were the subject of an event organised by the ²gether NHS Foundation Trust.

²gether care staff from across the trust attended the ‘Kissing it Better’ workshop, held at Dowty Sports and Social Club, at Staverton.

Key note speaker for the event was renowned nurse, health spokesman and journalist Jill Fraser, the Director and Co-Founder of Kissing it Better.

Jill explained how her background in nursing and her personal experience of healthcare had led her to establish the charity. Its aim is to enhance care in hospitals and other settings, using not only healthcare staff but also local communities.

Jill said: “At Kissing it Better we use simple ideas to create a big change. It’s not about spending great amounts of money; we introduce straight forward ideas to make the difference between a patient feeling ok and feeling brilliant.

“I know there’s already some brilliant work taking place within ²gether, but there are always extra ways in which the people you care for can be helped to recover.

“I hope something good comes out of this event, because it is one thing to talk about these ideas, but it is quite another to introduce them and it’s only with the right structure in place that these things can be put into action.”

Kissing it Better is based around a website where healthcare professionals can share ideas about what they are doing to make life better for patients within their care.

There are hundreds of ideas in categories including hygiene, surroundings, physical comfort, mobility and coping with boredom.

Some of the ideas include bringing local choirs in to wards to sing to patients, setting up bird tables to ensure patients have something interesting to look at out of the window, and arranging for visits from local artists.

Kissing it Better works with hospitals and NHS Trusts across the UK.

²gether’s Deputy Director of Nursing, Vikki Tweddle, invited Jill to the event.

She said: “I saw Jill speaking at a national nursing event and was inspired by what she said.

“The ideas Kissing it Better has encouraged and introduced into hospitals are having a huge impact upon patients.

“We are very grateful that Jill took the time to share her experiences with us and we are inspired now to use the principles of Kissing it Better to make life better for our service users.”

For more information on Kissing it Better please visit http://www.kissingitbetter.co.uk/