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Local NHS experts have teamed up with Fitness4Less to offer an emotional wellbeing programme for local residents and staff at their Cheltenham based gym.

The course is part of a new initiative with ²gether NHS Foundation Trust’s Let’s Talk service and is aimed at helping people get immediate support for common problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.

It offers a range of techniques to help people keep emotionally well and new skills to help cope with more difficult days. The programme is absolutely free to members and non-members of Fitness4less.

Jan Bagnall, senior therapist at ²gether said: “With the help of Fitness4Less, we hope that more people in Cheltenham can get the support and skills they need right now and closer to their home.”

The new partnership aims to encourage people to tackle their emotional wellbeing problems as well as their physical health.

Jan Bagnall continued: “Emotional and physical health are connected; we should all try to keep emotionally and physically fit to help manage everyday stresses and strains”.

Petya Collins, General Manager of Fitness4Less, Cheltenham said: “We care about the wellbeing of our members, our staff and the local community. This was at the heart of our decision to team up with ²gether and deliver the emotional wellbeing programme”

The programme starts in October with a choice of a morning session on Thursdays from 10.30am or a lunchtime session on Mondays at 12.30pm. It is based on ²gether’s already successful emotional programme available right across our county.

To register for the course, speak to a member of staff at Fitness4Less or to speak with a local NHS professional, call 0800 0732 2000 between 9am-5pm, weekdays.