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Penny Pitt, dental therapist, said she and her colleagues were delighted with the equipment which would be a great benefit to patients.

She said: “The loupe has a light and offers two-and-a-half times magnification, which is fantastic when working on a child’s teeth because they are so small, or when treating someone who has difficulty fully opening their mouth.  And the seat is really comfortable and helps your posture when you are sitting for long periods, which can prevent back problems.”

Dr Roy Lamb, president of Stroud Hospital’s League of Friends presented the equipment to Ingrid Barker, chair of Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, which runs the dental service.

Dr Lamb said: “We are determined to ensure that we have the latest equipment in Stroud so we are delighted to be able to present this equipment.

“The money used to buy this has come from the people of Stroud so we are also very grateful for their support.”

Ingrid Barker said: “As a trust, we receive fantastic support from the League of Friends, all of which helps us to improve the quality and experience of care for local people. We are extremely grateful for this donation, which will make a real difference to our dental teams and help them continue to provide the highest quality of dental care for people who, for a variety of reasons, find it especially challenging to access dental services.”