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Covid 19 Information

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Our research team is promoting a study into online self-help for bulimia and binge eating disorder.

Participants either receive everyBody Plus, an 8-session internet-based, guided self-help programme, based on cognitive behavioural therapy, or alternatively they receive regular online symptom monitoring. Participants in both the everyBody Plus and symptom-monitoring group will have access to visual feedback charts on the progress of their symptoms diary, and all participants will complete 4 assessment questionnaires online.

everyBody Plus is for adult females with a Body Mass index greater than 18.5kg/m2. All parts of this study will be conducted online, except for the initial study screening over the phone or with your clinician.

To find out more about getting involved email 2gnft.research@nhs.net. You can also read more about the study by clicking here.