Apprenticeship Award Success for GHC

September 23, 2022

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust was named Employer of the Year for the second year running, at the Gloucestershire Live Apprenticeship Awards 2022.

We also won two further awards:

  • Outstanding Apprentice of the Year (Health, Wellbeing and Care) – Jo Huntley
  • Gloucestershire Live Apprentice of the Year – Jo Huntley

The nomination for Jo, said: “Jo began her trainee nursing associate apprenticeship in 2020 – and before long her passion and talent for the role became clear.

“Going above and beyond to make sure that patients feel supported and looked after, Jo is able to build trusting relationships and provide impeccable care. Jo’s enthusiasm and compassion also provide a much needed boost to her own team, keeping spirits up even during a difficult time like the pandemic. Coupled with her talent and passion for the work, Jo is sure to be an outstanding nurse.”

Four other GHC apprentices made it to the finals. Their nominations were as follows:

Faith Cox

Since starting her podiatry apprenticeship with Gloucestershire Health and Care, Faith has shown herself to be a determined learner with a will to succeed – and an invaluable member of the team. Originally a support worker in the department, the jump to a podiatry apprenticeship was a big one – but Faith has tackled anything thrown at her and thrived. As a member of the podiatry team, Faith has proven to be a vital presence – even training other staff in skills that she picked up during her apprenticeship.

Rebekah Sutton

Despite having no experience of healthcare before starting her podiatry apprenticeship, Rebekah quickly proved herself to be a professional, capable and enthusiastic learner. No matter the challenge, Rebekah approaches it with a calm manner, and tackles it to the best of her ability every time. This attitude has led to Rebekah producing outstanding, both for her apprenticeship and in her role on the podiatry team – and made her a perfect ambassador for apprenticeships, another role she has taken on with ease and enthusiasm.

Tom Lindsey 

Tom joined Gloucestershire Health and Care in 2018 – starting off as a Level 2 accounting apprentice. Since then, Tom has gone from strength to strength in his role -standing out for his constant efforts to learn more and more about topics related to his apprenticeship – and always bringing his knowledge to bear in his role at the foundation. Tom’s dedication saw him pass his level 2, 3 and 4 accounting apprenticeships in quick succession – and he is currently studying for a level 7 accountancy professional apprenticeship.

James Hanna

Since joining Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust last December, James has proven to be one of the most hard working members of the team – and has produced outstanding work as a result. No matter the task, James gives it his all – working efficiently and with an attention to detail that allows him to handle almost any problem. For other members of the team, James’ positive attitude, skill, and desire to help has also made him a constant source of support and encouragement.

Gloucestershire Health and Care recognises the vital role apprentices can play in securing an organisation’s future – and is dedicated to providing apprenticeship opportunities that help both learners and the trust flourish. Offering 27 different apprenticeships, the trust currently has 200 apprentices working with it – with another 46 completing their course in the last year. The trust works to provide a range of ways for apprentices to develop their skills – and provides a supportive and engaging learning environment to ensure learners get the most out of their apprenticeship. We offer apprenticeships in a wide range of careers, from nursing, medical and dental to administration, finance and management.

Find out more about what we can offer here: Work for us > Glos Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust (

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