Infant Mental Health Service

We are a small team of professionals including child psychotherapists, and nurses. We offer a range of ways of working with infants together with their parents or carers.

About this service

Infants cannot speak for themselves and can’t ask for help. This means we need to observe them to recognise and understand what they are asking for.

If you are pregnant or your baby is under the age of 2years and is registered with a GP, in Gloucestershire and you have concerns about your infant’s emotional development and wellbeing or your relationship with your bump or baby, please discuss these with your health visitor or family nurse who may then refer you to our service.

Early Relationships Matter

We are passionate about supporting parents, carers and professionals to make sure that every baby in Gloucestershire has the best possible start in life.

We aim to promote emotional well-being in infants by supporting caregivers to build secure relationships. We can work alongside your health visitor and do work alongside other teams such as the Perinatal MH Team.

We support parents and carers in tackling these challenges and develop ways to strengthen the unique bond between you and your bump or baby. Having a close relationship helps your child to get off to the best possible start in life and grow up feeling safe and secure and able to explore their world as curious and confident children.


We support from bump to up to a child’s second birthday living in Gloucestershire with their parents or carers.

We accept referrals from health visitors and other professionals. Referrals can be made by completing this form:


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