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Parents and carers are the primary influences in helping their children to develop and grow up well, and it isn’t always an easy job. We provide groups for parents to provide support on managing behaviours that challenge our children and us as parents.

About this service

Our aim is to help you to build on your strengths as a parent and help you to feel confident in solving problems and building your child’s self-esteem.

All our courses are delivered by experienced facilitators who are skilled in encouraging discussion around the modern struggles that parents and their children can face, for example; ADHD, worry and finding ways to give our children the special time they need from us.

If you have been invited to Parent Support Group, but are unsure of what to expect, please take a moment to read some testimonials and watch the clip below.


We accept referrals from practitioners working with young people and their families or carers. Following a triage, it may also be suggested a group could help support you.

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Our group sessions

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We offer the following courses virtually on the Teams digital platform or face-to-face. Each session is two hours long and delivered during term times.

Courses are free and assistance with transport is available via the NHS Low Income Scheme if criteria are met. These details can be confirmed once a referral has been accepted. Parents/carers are encouraged to commit to the full programme and share their own skills to gain the most benefit. There are usually around 8-12 parents or carers on each course.

Certificates are presented at the end of the course. If you feel one of these programmes would help you and your child, please speak to your GP, school nurse or any other professional you have contact with and ask them to refer you:

Parents Plus Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children’s Programme

A course designed for parents or carers of primary school age children with either diagnosed ADHD or are currently going through the assessment process. The overall goal of this programme is to support parents bringing up a child with ADHD. We will provide a comprehensive parent and carers booklet to provide group discussion and structure.

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E.B.S: Working to Encourage Behaviour Strategies

For parents and carers with children with special educational needs and disability (SEND) aged 3-16 years. A 12-week programme designed to support parents/carers who have a child with special educational needs and disabilities, either in a special school or have one-to-one full-time support with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in mainstream school.


Supporting Your Anxious Child

Designed for parents of children at primary school, this parent support group is based on the ‘From Timid to Tiger’ parenting approach programme. It is designed for parents/carers of children with mild/moderate anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety, social anxiety, generalised anxiety and specific phobias.

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Your experience

Your views are important to us. If you need advice or have feedback on a community hospital in Gloucestershire, or on our community health and adult social care services, you can contact one of the advisers from our Patient and Carer Experience Team. All enquiries are completely confidential. You can contact us between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday on: 0300 421 8313 or:


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