Vulnerable Children’s Services (VCS)

Our Vulnerable Children’s Services are made up of five complex and vulnerable (CAV) services and three other related services.

The CAV teams

The Complex Engagement Team provides assessment and intervention for Children and young people with moderate to severe mental health needs who do not engage in clinic – based services.

The Dual Diagnosis and the Youth Justice/ Offending Team (also known as the Youth Support Team – YST) practitioners now offer three main pathways; Youth Justice, Dual Diagnosis and NEET (not in education, employment or training) with a further pathway, MACE (missing and child exploitation) as a pilot.

Referrals are received into the YST practitioners through these teams within the wider YST Health Team (Prospects) and offer a joined up, collaborative service to the young person.

The Harmful Sexual Behaviour team provides a family-orientated approach to those families whose child has exhibited sexualised behaviour that is considered inappropriate for their age or where there is a concern about them being at risk, or a risk to others.

Vulnerable Children’s Services (VCS)

The Children in Care (mental health) team supports foster carers and the professional networks around the child. This is through consultations which aim to develop an understanding of the impact of early adverse childhood experiences (also known as ACEs) upon the child’s emotional and mental health needs and their expectations of relationships with new carers. 

The Fostering Development Team is also part of this team. They offer training packages and consultation to new foster carers.

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Related Services

The Infant Mental Health team

Provides intervention to families where there is concern about the pregnancy or an infant up to the age of two.  Their main focus is on the parent-infant relationship. The team works closely with Perinatal Team, GPs, the Health Visiting team and midwives.

The Hospital Education team

Provides assessment and treatment for those receiving hospital education who have a mental health concern.