Children in Care Health Service

Our nurses are all registered nurses as well as qualified health visitors or school nurses who have also had additional training around the needs of children in care

Our aim is to promote and look after the health of children in care. We do this by:

  • ensuring that high quality health assessments are offered to young people in care.
  • ensuring that adults working with these young people are trained and supported in health needs
  • ensuring that health professionals are equipped to deal with identifying and providing for their health needs.

We are also available for advice as requested from any service/individual as well as providing support to social care teams. We work closely with social care and the looked after children’s services including foster care services, within the local authority.

Anyone involved in supporting children in care can contact us, including health professionals, social workers, foster carers and public health nurses.

Contacting the team

Team administrators can be contacted by email on

The Nursing team can be contacted on 0300 4218742 / 01452 895245 or by email

Please note that the nursing team may not always be available to answer the telephone, please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Locations for this service