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Children’s Occupational Therapy Referral Form


Requests for support are accepted where children have significant difficulties impacting on their participation in activities of daily living which are not in line with their developmental age.

Appropriate intervention in the form of education and empowerment of those nearest to the child is evidenced as best practice. Further assessment may be offered based on needs to increase independence and/or support parents/ carers in assisting their child in activities of daily living.

Requests are also accepted from parents/carers for an assessment of need for children with a permanent and substantial disability.

An assessment of a child’s needs relating to housing will be offered where there are significant housing needs where the child does not have safe and appropriate access to bedroom, bathroom, toilet, main family living area, garden, in/out of the property.

Children’s occupational therapists are trained to look at a child/young person in their environment and the everyday tasks they need and want to do.

The occupational therapist has specialist skills in task analysis and in looking at the person holistically. We consider how underlying skills such as
motor and visual perceptual skills, as well as medical conditions, motivation to do a task, and cognitive ability in line with developmental age.  Furthermore we consider how the child is processing stimuli as well as how environmental factors impact on the child’s ability to do the task.
Consequently sensory processing is one tool which can be used within the occupational therapy assessment and the trained therapist decides on the appropriate course of intervention based on the needs of the child on assessment.