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Children’s Speech and Language Therapy

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is a countywide specialist service for children and young people aged 0 – 18 and their families and carers. We work within a variety of locations including mainstream schools, community clinics, preschool settings, special schools and client’s homes.

Speech and Language Therapists are qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge of difficulties with communication and eating and drinking disorders. This includes the following areas:

  • language delay and disorder
  • speech sound difficulties
  • profound hearing impairment
  • cleft palate
  • stammering
  • Social communication difficulties with associated language difficulties
  • voice disorders
  • selective mutism

The service provides assessment, advice and treatment planned around the individual needs of the child and family. Advice, training and support may also be provided to teaching and support staff or other professionals as appropriate, to facilitate the development of communication skills.

Contact us

Springbank Community Resource Centre
Springbank Way
GL51 0LG

Call 0300 421 8937
Email SLTchild@ghc.nhs.uk

Find us on Facebook

Our core hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Drop in sessions

We are now offering (10 minute) virtual drop-in sessions by video for parents/carers of pre-school children, not currently known to the service, to discuss any concerns regarding their child’s communication development.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is needed, parents just need to complete the booking form on our website.   Children who have been referred to our service by another professional may also be invited to attend a drop in session.

If you think a longer appointment is needed, then see our ‘Request for support’ section below.

How long does each appointment last?

The appointment will last around 10 minutes.

Who needs to be at the video appointment?

The video appointment must be with your child and a parent/ carer who has legal parental responsibility.

My child doesn't like talking to people by video, how will this work?

Don’t worry, our video below will tell you all about how to setup the session. We can gets lots of useful information by watching your child play, so they won’t necessarily need to come to the camera.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment for one of our virtual drop in sessions, you need to first watch the video below and then complete a booking request form.

Please watch this short video which tells you all about what will happen in the appointment and how to prepare.

Once you have watched the video, please request an appointment using the form below:

Virtual Drop In Request Form

If you have any issues, please call our central office on 0300 421 8937.

Making a request for support

Use the forms below to request support from the team for a child with an eating or drinking disorder or a speech and language problem.

We are happy to accept requests for assistance from anyone supporting the child. However, informed parental consent must have been given before completing this form.

Training for professionals

The Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service currently offer a range of training courses for professionals working with primary aged children.

Understanding Language training covers

  • The development of understanding of concepts, instructions, questions
  • Factors affecting understanding of language
  • Supporting children with difficulties understanding language
  • Delivering speech and language therapy targets

Expressive language training covers

  • The development of grammar, vocabulary and narrative skills
  • Factors affecting expressive language
  • Supporting children with difficulties using language
  • Delivering speech and language therapy targets

Speech Sound Development training covers

  • The normal development of speech sounds
  • When to refer
  • Different types of speech difficulties
  • Supporting children with speech difficulties
  • Delivering speech and language therapy programmes

Upcoming courses

Expressive language

Thursday 12th March 2020, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Springbank Resource Centre
£50 per person

For more information or to book, email nicola.hacker@ghc.nhs.uk or call 0300 421 6722

Speech Sound Development

Thursday 11th June 2020, 9:30am – 12:30pm
Springbank Resource Centre
£50 per person

For more information or to book, email nicola.hacker@ghc.nhs.uk or call 0300 421 6722

Understanding Language

Learn how to support children who have difficulties understanding language in school

Our Speech and Language Therapy Department is offering a training package which focuses on:

  • When children typically learn to understand concepts, instructions and questions
  • The factors that may affect a child’s understanding of language
  • Strategies and activities for developing children’s understanding of language

Venue      Online

Date      Wednesday 10 November 2021

Time      9.30am-12.00pm

Cost       £50 per person

For more information or to book your place, email: childrensSLTtraining@ghc.nhs.uk


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