Community Learning Disability Team (CLDT)


The Trust’s Community Learning Disability Teams (CLDT) provides specialist health care services for people with learning disabilities to enable and support them to participate in daily activities and increase or maintain levels of independence.

We work closely with GPs, education, housing, hospitals, families, community adult, care directorate, children’s services, day centres, mental health services, advocacy and respite services and voluntary services.

Our team consists of:

Community nurses provide specialist advice, support, education and training to help improve the physical and mental wellbeing of people with a learning disability.

Physiotherapists assess and advise on exercises and activities that can help people remain as comfortable and mobile as possible.

Psychiatrists offer a specialist health care service for people with a learning disability and related mental illness.

Psychologists work to promote and enhance the emotional wellbeing and quality of life of people with learning disabilities.

Occupational therapists help with self-care activities, improving ability to access local facilities, functioning in the workplace or college and the development of hobbies and interests.

Speech and language therapists support any adult who needs help with their communication and /or eating and drinking and who has a diagnosis of a learning disability and is registered with a Gloucestershire and Herefordshire GP or funded by Gloucestershire or Herefordshire CCG. We also support their transition from children’s to adult services.

Referral information

For more information on how to get support from our learning disability services please contact your local base (see below) or ask your GP to refer you.


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