Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHTT)


Our Crisis Resolution Home and Treatment Teams (CRHTTs) offer advice and support when you feel you require an increased level of care, due to your mental health or due to emotional and psychological distress.

The teams work with those aged from 11 upwards.

What is a crisis?

A crisis is when your mental health deteriorates and you find your usual coping strategies not working. At this point in time you may require signposting to other services that can help you or you may require extra care and support via home based treatment.

What is home based treatment?

Home based treatment enables the team to visit for a period of between 6 – 8 weeks if clinically indicated. The team can initially visit on a daily basis with visits being reduced according to clinical need. Our service can be contacted 24 hours a day seven days a week. If we are unable to take your call, we will return your call within an hour and carry out an assessment within 4 hours if clinically indicated.

We can help talk through any problems you have and support you with any treatment that has been prescribed. Members of the team can also help you with any activities you may have difficulty with, such as getting to appointments or jobs in your home or social engagement.

How does home based treatment work?

You can call the team directly if you feel you are unwell and require extra support. Alternatively your GP or care coordinator can also contact us if they have concerns. A senior clinician will then contact you directly to discuss your concerns and may signpost you to other relevant services or arrange to come and visit you in your own home or alternative venue. This can be with your care coordinator, family member or friend if you choose to have them present. A plan of care will be agreed and reviewed regularly throughout your time with us.

Who will look after me?

Our teams consist of several members of staff including nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, support workers and psychiatrists.
You will have contact with a number of team members during our involvement as our service available seven days a week with staff working shifts.

While you are in our care

While you are in our care we are able to:

  • closely monitor your mental health
  • if appropriate offer support, education and advice to yourself and your family/carer
  • give practical support and assistance with daily activities
  • assist with your medication management
  • help you adopt effective coping strategies and complete a Personal Safety Plan with you.

Once you start to feel better the frequency of our visits will gradually reduce and you will either be referred to another team for ongoing care or discharged back to the care of your GP.

I am being admitted to hospital

If you continue to feel unwell we will work closely with the staff at Wotton Lawn Hospital or Charlton Lane Hospital to arrange a hospital admission. This will be in discussion with you and any significant others involved in supporting you. We also help you to return home as quickly as possible and if necessary support you on your discharge.