Medically compromised dentistry

It may be necessary for patients to be referred to our service due to a particular medical condition which may impact on their oral health or their ability to receive treatment.

Specialised dentistry for those who need it

Our highly experienced team work with patients, carers and other healthcare professionals to ensure their dental needs are met.

When to use this service

  • Do you or someone you care for have a complex medical history which impacts either directly on oral health or ability to receive care?
  • Is your/their medical condition unstable or poorly controlled and requires you to be treated with medical specialist advice?
  • Is the condition a progressive, degenerative medical or disabling condition such as motor neurone disease or dementia?
  • Do you/they find it difficult to communicate with those around them? Would they be able to understand and consent to their dental treatment?
  • Do you/they require PEG feeding?

You may be eligible to be treated by our service. We accept referrals from general dental practitioners and healthcare professionals. Ask about being referred to us for your dental treatment.