Homeless Mental Health Team

The team is commissioned by the department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities. We work in partnership with P3, Change, Grow, Live and Social Care to assess former rough sleepers in P3’s Safe Space to work to end rough sleeping in the U.K. The Homeless Mental Health team specifically provide Mental Health assessments, short term treatment, referral to longer term services and health promotion where required.

The team is part of a partnership team of P3, CGL, Social Care and Housing to provide former rough sleepers with quick access to services, to quickly resolve any of the issues leading to the person rough sleeping.

The Trust’s team provides Mental Health support to former rough sleepers in the form of individual and group sessions based at P3 Safe Spaces in Gloucester and Cheltenham. The service is trauma informed and adapts to support the needs of the individual to enable them to engage with services. Assessments, short term Mental Health work and referral to mainstream services takes place but also basic health promotion.

As well as Mental Health support, the team are involved in a number of complex cases where Mental Health is not the primary cause of difficulties. These have included Physical Disability, Substance Misuse, Learning Difficulties and Complex Emotional needs. The team have supported project partners in navigating these cases and have access to clinical support in the Trust in terms of specialist advice.

Contact us

Pullman Place,

Great Western Road,



Telephone: (01452) 894422

Why you may be referred

  • You are living at P3 Safe Space and a former rough sleeper
  • You are having difficulties with your Mental Health and wellbeing.

What happens after referral

  • You will be seen within a week for an introduction to our service
  • We will listen to what your current difficulties are and what adjustments are needed to make our meetings successful
  • Depending on what you would like and what you need, we might suggest:
    • Informal support at Safe Space whilst you are staying there
    • An assessment of your Mental Health
    • Referral on to other services that can help, including longer term Mental Health services
    • Some short term work to improve your Mental Health or make changes to your routine

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