Specialist Physiotherapists in Neurology

The role of the clinical specialists in neurology is to provide assessment, treatment and advice to more complex patients referred into community services (integrated community teams) with neurological problems and to support other members of staff in their work with patients with neurological problems in the community where necessary.

Physiotherapists can support patients with neurological problems in different ways including:

  • Providing advice and teaching strategies to help patients manage their own condition
  • Providing specific exercise to help patients become more independent
  • Providing advice and exercise to help patients maintain their level of independence
  • Providing advice and teaching strategies to help those caring for someone with a neurological condition

Examples where physiotherapy can be helpful include stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury and motor neurone disease.

Referral information

If you are a patient with a neurological problem and you feel you would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist you can request an assessment by calling the adult helpdesk on 01452 426868.

A friend or relative can also request an assessment on your behalf. You will be asked to provide information which will be used to determine the most appropriate member of staff to assess you.

For healthcare professionals
If you are a healthcare professional working for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust you can use the global email list to contact the relevant team member to discuss the referral.

You can also make a referral direct to the relevant referral centre, based on the patient’s geographical area: