Specialist Community Forensic Team

The Specialist Community Forensic Team (SCFT) aims to provide specialist forensic care and support to people with a primary diagnosis of ill mental health and a forensic history. Support includes relapse prevention, providing outreach and structure and supporting outside agencies, including housing providers, to keep our patients and the community safe.


Team Members

We are a highly skilled team of professionals, including:

  • Psychologists
  • Case Workers (Nurses/Occupational Therapists/Exercise and Health Practitioners/Psychologists)
  • Support Workers
  • Peer Support Workers
  • Carer Support Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Consultant Psychiatrists
Our Support for Patients

We will support our patients with a wide range of things, including:

  • Accessing the community
  • Support with finances
  • Registering with a GP
  • Managing transitions
  • Support with any symptoms
  • Medication
  • Alcohol and Drug Services
  • Helping you to stay well in the
    community safely
  • Signposting to other services
  • Exercise and physical health
  • Volunteering and employment
  • Leisure opportunities within
    the community
  • Helping to manage your home
  • Rebuilding self-esteem and
    confidence in the community
Our Support (Professionals)

The Specialist Community Forensic team operates on four tiers:

Tier 1 – For signposting and liaison – the SCFT will provide appropriate signposting and liaison to any request received, the patient does not need to be open to a secondary mental health team to access Tier 1 support.

Tier 2 – Risk Consultation – work to support current care team – e.g. consultation/meeting/training. The patient must meet the diagnostic and risk thresholds. Please refer through the Cambio System.

Tier 3 – Indirect or Direct Joint Working/Intervention/Specialist Assessment (for a maximum of 12 weeks) – All joint working will be following appropriate triaging and assessment with a joint working agreement. We may deliver joint therapeutic interventions/activities and assessments. Care co-ordination remains with the referring team.

Tier 4 – Care co-ordination (time limited) – The patient must be an inpatient in secure care at the point of referral for Tier 4 work to be considered. (Secure patients must meet the threshold for Tier 4.)

For more information and to refer to the Specialist Community Forensic team for Tier 1, Tier 3 or Tier 4 support, please email

For Tier 2 referrals, please refer through the Cambio System – please email the above email to gain guidance on how to access the Cambio System if required. Referrals ideally to be completed by Consultant.

Referral Criteria

Referral Criteria for Professionals

Please note, patients must have a primary diagnosis of mental health problems and have a forensic or significant risk history (primarily harm to others) in order to meet the criteria for a formal referral. However, we are happy to talk through any concerns professionals may have regarding any of your clients.

Please email the team for a referral form and for any support with the
referral process at

Contact Us

The SCFT hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays). Should you have any queries please contact the office on 0300 421 3355 or email via

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