Arts Psychotherapies

‘Arts Psychotherapies’ is an umbrella term for the four professions working psychologically and relationally with people across Trust services.

The four creative professions are:

  • Art Therapy/Psychotherapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy

These well-trained and HCPC/UKCP validated professionals offer clinical treatments to people across the life span (children, adults and older adults) who have a range of different diagnoses, disabilities or mental health difficulties, including those with learning difficulties and dementia. They mainly work with people who have experienced emotional distress, trauma and disturbance which has seriously affected their mental health.

The Arts Psychotherapies are creative forms of psychotherapy that use the arts to help people communicate experiences that are hard to put into words. The use of the arts enables both verbal and non-verbal communications to better understand and express thoughts, feelings and emotions and find meaning and new understanding that promotes positive life changes.

These professions work with people in groups and individually, offering assessments and formulations in a co-produced way which activates people’s own ability to recover using their strengths and resources. They can also offer staff teams’ reflective practice and clinical supervision, and be a resource for thinking about the arts and creativity within workplace environments, using their creative knowledge to making buildings enjoyable places to work in.


What people say about their experiences of the Arts Psychotherapies in our Trust


“It’s wonderful to be in a group and feel so supported.”

“The session was very reflective.”

“The music inspired me.”

“Being able to share things through artwork helps, as it is easy not to say anything in a group or not even realise there are things you may need to express.”

“I was told, ‘you must never speak’. I was never told, ‘you must never draw’… art therapy can facilitate access and insight into areas of one’s mindscape, previously unexplorable, and thereby initiate deep-seated healing.”


Arts Psychotherapies Service, November 2022

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