Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023

March 6, 2023

Nutrition and Hydration Week banner

Nutrition and Hydration Week (13-19 March) is an annual event with a shared, global objective to reinforce, focus, energise and create activity and engagement to promote nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element to maintaining health and wellbeing within health and social care.

The main theme for this year’s campaign is Gut Health. As usual, colleagues have been busy behind the scenes organising events for our hospitals and sites to mark the occasion.

Nutrition and Hydration Week is always a great excuse to learn a bit more about nutrition for both our colleagues and patients, and as usual our facilities teams will be holding various events across our hospitals and sites to mark the occasion, including Mood Lifting Monday, Thirsty Thursday, 5-A-Day Friday, Seedy Sunday and, the highlight of the week, the Global Tea Party.


In this short film, Catering Manager Joby Scaria talks us through the week’s menu and events, and demonstrates how quick and easy it is to create a healthy breakfast incorporating porridge oats, fruits, chia seeds and milled flax seeds. 


Mood Lifting Monday

Today’s menu includes vitamin B6, Omega 3 and antioxidants such as poached fish, broccoli and blueberries – all foods linked to improving mood and gut health.


Today’s menu will include dishes which encourage gut health, such as corned beef hash, lamb casserole and cauliflower and broccoli pasta.

Wednesday: Global Tea Party

The highlight of every Nutrition and Hydration Week is the Global Tea Party. Our wards will facilitate tea parties in the late afternoon. The menu will include foods known to improve gut health, without compromising enjoyment and taste, such as finger sandwiches, savoury eggs, mini quiches and salad garnishes.

Thirsty Thursday

Following the success of our previous Thirsty Thursday focus days, our plan is to continue to raise awareness of the importance of hydration for our patients, service users and colleagues. A variety of milkshakes, hot drinks, juices and fruits will be available to help promote hydration.


There will be more choice of vegetables at supper, such as carrots, sliced green beans and mashed root vegetables, and the menu will include good foods for gut health.


Again, we will provide menus highlighting foods linked to gut health, including cottage pie and mushroom soup.

Seedy Sunday

Milled flax seeds will be available to sprinkle on breakfast cereal/in porridge, and the importance of including a diverse range of foods in your diet will be a focus – some of which can include seeds, as well as herbs and spices.

Get Involved!

Our colleagues will be taking lots of pictures throughout the week, so that we can celebrate and share our activities on social media:

Hashtag – #NHW2023
Twitter handle – @NHWeek

A lot of hard work and planning has gone into this year’s Nutrition and Hydration Week events and we would like to say a big thank you to all those involved.

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