New Electronic Consent Form for School-Age Immunisations

The School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) is introducing a new way for parents and carers to consent to their children’s school-age vaccinations. As of September this year, when the new academic year commences, the consent process will be an electronic system called Cinnamon. Although this will be new to our Trust, it has been used by other NHS Trusts across the South West since 2017 and has proved to be very successful.

As of 1 August 2024, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust will have successfully digitised all school vaccination programmes. From September, parents and carers will be able to give consent for their children’s vaccinations online, using an electronic consent (e-consent) form, starting with the National Flu Programme.

This will be delivered to all school-aged children and young people from Reception up to and including Year 11 in mainstream schools, and pre-school to Year 13 in mainstream schools for special needs.

The new e-consent process is easy, secure and convenient, and can be accessed via smart phone (Apple and Android), tablet or computer. For families unable to access email or the internet, schools are asked to provide access to a school device if possible, or direct parents and carers to give consent over the telephone by calling the immunisation team on 0300 421 8140.

If the immunisation team does not receive a completed decision form for a student at secondary school, each young person may be assessed on an individual basis and invited to self-consent for the vaccination, providing they can demonstrate an understanding of the vaccination being given. This is in-line with the Gillick Competency and consent to treatment guidance which can be found here.

The new e-consent form aims to make vaccination sessions run as smoothly as possible, making the process more efficient for schools, parents and carers.

Every school in Gloucestershire has been sent a letter from our School Age Immunisation Team with further information and full details about the new e-consent system and how it will operate.

Should you have any questions, please email the immunisation team at  or call 0300 421 8140.

Further information about the School Age Immunisation Service can be found here: School-aged Immunisation Team > CYPS Glos Health & Care NHS (

Community pop-up COVID vaccination clinics

Community pop-up COVID vaccination clinics

The NHS is offering COVID vaccinations to those at highest risk of severe illness from the virus. This will help protect them if COVID-19 rates are high over the summer months and reduce their chances of needing hospital treatment if they do catch the virus.