Children’s Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health and social care professionals who promote health and wellbeing in people of all ages by assisting them to carry out the activities that enable participation in everyday life (College of Occupational Therapy 2009).

The Children’s Occupational Therapy (OT) service is an integrated countywide specialist service working at health, social services and educational sites across Gloucestershire. It aims to address the needs of children/young people who have difficulties managing their activities of daily living and developing functional skills such as bathing, showering, toileting, dressing, eating; we call these Occupational Performance Issues (OPIs).

We aim to provide an effective, safe, high quality service to enable children, young people and their families to reach their full potential in activities of daily living at home, school, college and their community. The service operates core hours from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays, with some staff working flexibly to meet additional need.

We use a client-centred approach to address the functional difficulties experienced by individuals within the context of their own social, cultural, spiritual and physical environment and with regard to their carers. Children and their parents/carers are asked to prioritise their assessed OPIs and to score their performance and satisfaction with each of these before and after using our service.

Contact us

Springbank Community Resource Centre
Springbank Way
GL51 0LG

Telephone: 0300 421 6988

Who the service is for

This specialist service is for children and their families and carers in Gloucestershire across hospital, community and educational settings.

Therapists work with children and young people who have difficulties carrying out activities that they would be expected to be able to do, based on their age or developmental stage.

Below are some examples of the children and young people the Occupational Therapy Team work with:

  • Children who, due to an acute episode of illness and/or injury, require therapy to facilitate discharge from hospital to their community (aged 0-18 years). Please contact an occupational therapist using the Hospital Discharge telephone line: 07817 824555.
  • Children who have physical functional difficulties as a result of acute or chronic illness or disability (aged 0-18 years)
  • Children who have functional difficulties as a result of developmental coordination disorder (aged 0-18 years)
  • Children who have a physical disability and attend a mainstream nursery, school or one of the designated special schools in the county and who require Occupational Therapy intervention to assist with accessing the curriculum (aged 0-18 years)
  • Children who have a disability that has a  substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day to day activities who require Occupational Therapy intervention to access a care placement such as Family Link or foster care (typically from the age of 3-19 years)
  • Children who have functional difficulties as a result of a learning disability/Autistic Spectrum Disorder (aged 0-18 years). If you have a query please use the ASD/LD Advice Line to contact a specialist occupational therapist. Telephone 0300 421 6591 – normally available on a Wednesday (12.30-3.30pm); currently available every day, Monday to Friday, 12.30-3.30pm.
  • Young people up to the age of 19 years who access full time education with functional difficulties

What we do

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Team provide specialist assessment with the aim of encouraging independence in their activities of daily living. Our service aims to support and enable families to help their children with their functional difficulties in the short and long term.

Following assessment, an intervention is planned around the individual needs of the child and their family/carers. Goals and target outcomes are agreed between the child, their parent/carer and the Occupational Therapist.

These may be achieved by:

  • Specialist advice
  • Specialist therapy programmes –  individual or as part of a group
  • Specialist equipment
  • Specialist adaptations to the environment (home or school)
Where you may be seen

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Team work in a variety of locations and in the most appropriate settings for the child’s assessment, intervention and ongoing support to enable them to achieve their outcomes. This may be at a clinic, hospital, health centre, children’s centre, play group, family centre, nursery, mainstream primary or secondary school, special school, non LEA school or at home.

Many children and young people will be seen in clinics at our main sites, details of these have been provided below. Please note that locality site telephone lines are not manned daily so please phone the main number at Quedgeley Clinic as an alternative.

Cheltenham/Cotswolds/Tewkesbury Locality Team Bases:

  • Independent Living Centre, Village Road, Cheltenham, GL51 0BY 
  • The Bungalow, Cirencester Hospital, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, GL7 1UY – 0300 421 6920

North Gloucester and Forest of Dean Locality Team Bases:

  • Quedgeley Clinic, St James, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4WD – 0300 421 6988
  • The Lodge, The Dilke Hospital, Speech House Road, Cinderford, Forest of Dean, GL14 3HX – 0300 421 8570

South Gloucester and Stroud Locality Team Bases:

  • Quedgeley Clinic, St James’, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4WD – 0300 421 6988
  • Children’s Occupational Therapy Team (adjacent to Stroud Maternity Hospital), Field Road, Stroud, GL5 2HY – 0300 421 6930
  • The Vale Community Hospital, Littlecombe Business Park, Lister Road, Dursley, Gl11 4BA
Useful links
Further information

For details on how to return disability equipment which is no longer needed, please follow this link for the Gloucestershire Equipment Service.

Disabled Facilities Grants may be available from the local district council by which major adaptations to the home environment can be funded, for children with long term substantial disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria. The Occupational Therapist makes recommendations based on the impact of the child’s environment on their functional ability to manage their activities of daily living, and where possible to maximise their independence. The Occupational Therapist may make a referral based on these recommendations to the local district council for consideration for a DFG. For advice on eligibility for Disabled Facilities Grants towards the cost of adapting a home for someone with a disability please see

The Children’s Occupational Therapy Service is not able to make assessments of medical needs or recommendations to the Housing Authority in relation to this and would suggest families seek advice from their Doctor about housing issues that may affect their child’s health (for example, central heating to help with a child’s asthma or a shower to help with a skin condition).

Requests for general letters to support a family in applying for re-housing and charitable fundraising do not need to be referred to the OT service. Any professional that knows a child or young person and/or family well (such as the family Doctor, Social Worker or Lead Professional) can write a letter to support a family’s request for re-housing or support the benefits of purchasing play equipment etc.

Making a request for support

If you would like to request support for a child from the occupational therapy service, please complete this form.

Education staff can contact the School Advice Line, telephone 0300 421 6976 – available Tuesdays 1.30pm-4pm (term time only).

Locations for this service