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Children’s Speech and Language Therapy – Early Years Toolkit

Who is the toolkit for?

This toolkit is designed for use by anyone working in the early years setting and for parents and carers at home.

How does it work?

Use the contents page to find which area(s) you want to target with your child.  Choose the most relevant activity and work through the activities suggested.

Use the outcomes at the end of the activity to track progress. These targets can be used for the My Plan and should be used by both the early year’s settings and parents/carers.

These outcomes should be used as evidence of intervention if a Request for Assistance from the Speech and Language Therapy Service is required.

Links with early curriculum

This toolkit has been designed to fit in with the Early Years Foundation Stages (2020 Handbook) where targeted areas include Language and Communication:

  • ELG 01 Listening and Attention
  • ELG 02 Understanding
  • ELG 03 Speaking
  • ELG 07 Managing feelings and behaviours
  • ELG 08 Making relationships

This also aligns with the areas of speech, language and communication that Speech and Language Therapists assess and work with.  This is outlined on the language pyramid on the next page.

Additional information and support

Our Early Years Toolkit