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Covid 19 Information

Please visit www.ghc.nhs.uk/coronavirus/

Minor Injury and Illness Units

You can get help for a variety of conditions, including sprains, minor fractures, wounds, and burns, ear ache, sore throats, skin problems, eye conditions and more at our Minor Injury and Illness Units (MIIUs).

You can telephone NHS 111 or ring the units directly between 8am and 4pm on the numbers below, to book an appointment. 

  • North Cotswolds Hospital: 0300 421 8774
  • Cirencester Hospital: 0300 421 6351
  • Stroud Hospital: 0300 421 8884
  • Lydney Hospital: 0300 421 8722
  • Tewkesbury Hospital: 0300 421 6102
  • Vale Hospital: 0300 421 8436
  • Cheltenham General Hospital: 0300 422 3046 (Please note, this unit is operated by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. For more information about the Trust, including the services that they provide, click here.

Unwell? Not sure where to turn?

Please note: Our MIIU telephone numbers are not clinical advice lines. Please call NHS 111 or visit ASAP Glos if unsure where you should go. Appointments at our MIIUs can be made via NHS 111.

Illness or Injury? Not sure where to turn?


The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.

Information for the public is available at gov.uk/coronavirus

What we can treat

We have specially trained nurses in all units and in some units doctors are also present. The team specialises in treating the following:

  • sprains
  • simple fractures needing x-rays and plasters
  • simple wounds that may need suturing (stitches)
  • minor burns
  • emergency contraception
  • minor head injuries with no loss of consciousness
  • minor illness, earache, sore throat, etc.
  • skin problems such as rashes, bites, stings and infections
  • eye conditions including foreign bodies and conjunctivitis

We have dedicated waiting areas at all sites and free parking is available at all community hospital sites. There are facilities for disabled parking also.

We do have x-ray facilities at MIIUs but they aren’t always available. If you require an x-ray, you may be asked to attend a different location.

What we can not treat

Emergency departments assess and treat patients with serious injuries or illnesses. We are unable to treat the following in our Minor Injury and Illness Units:

  • head injuries with loss of consciousness
  • alcohol-related problems
  • overdoses
  • complicated or serious injuries
  • major or long standing illnesses
Emergencies and out of hours

Generally, you should visit the Emergency Department or call 999 for emergencies, such as:

  • persistent, severe chest pain
  • loss of consciousness
  • pain that is not relieved by simple pain killers
  • acute confused state
  • breathing difficulties
  • stroke or suspected stroke

Your nearest Emergency Department can be found via www.nhs.uk or by calling NHS 111. If you live in Gloucestershire, your nearest Emergency Department may be at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital or Cheltenham General Hospital. Alternatively you may live closer to the Great Western Hospital at Swindon, or Oxford or Warwick.

Opening times and contact details

Please note: Our MIIU telephone numbers are not clinical advice lines. Please call NHS 111 or visit ASAP Glos if unsure where you should go. Appointments at our MIIUs can be made via NHS 111.

  • On rare occasions it is necessary for us to close a unit at short notice and earlier than its stated time.  If you are planning to arrive shortly before a unit is due to close you may wish to call and check availability before attending. Normal opening hours are listed below.

Click on the locations at the bottom of this page to find more details including maps for each hospital.

The following minor injury units will remain open with reduced opening times. Find out more here

Lydney and District Hospital
Call: 0300 421 8722 Option 1
Opening times: 8am – 8pm

Tewkesbury Hospital
Call: 0300 421 6100
Opening times: 8am – 8pm

Stroud General Hospital
Call: 0300 421 8080 Option 5
Opening time: 8am – 8pm

Cirencester Hospital
Call: 0300 421 6351
Opening times: 8am – 8pm

North Cotswolds Hospital
Call: 0300 421 8774
Opening times: 8am – 8pm

The following minor injury unit will be closed until further notice:

Dilke Memorial Hospital
CLOSED until further notice

Vale Community Hospital
Call: 0300 421 8436
Temporarily closed