Respiratory and Home Oxygen
Assessment Service

The community respiratory team is made up of physiotherapists and nurses specialising in respiratory diseases. 

We aim to provide a personalised service to patients which is focused on individual needs and a package of support.

We are able to provide tailored packages of care such as hospital admission avoidance, supported discharge after admission, exacerbation (flare up) management, optimisation of medicines, pulmonary rehabilitation, and home oxygen advice and support.

Typically, the lung diseases managed by the team are asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), but other respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis and fibrotic lung disease are also supported. The team see patients in their own home or a place convenient to the patient and will assess, aid diagnosis and monitor their disease; they will also support patients in self-managing their chronic lung condition to prevent any avoidable hospital admissions.

The team offers pulmonary rehabilitation; an evidence based treatment for people suffering with more severe lung disease to improve their exercise capacity and coping strategies. These courses are delivered in all areas of the county.

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Specialist Respiratory Telehealth

Specialist Respiratory Telehealth remote monitoring is offered to patients who are particularly affected by their disease to help in their long term management and to support and treat patients for longer in their own homes.

The Home Oxygen Assessment Service

Our Home Oxygen Assessment Service (HOAS) is provided by a highly-skilled team of respiratory nurses who support people who require oxygen at home. All patients are assessed and supported by our team which includes respiratory nurses and a lung physiologist, and we are able to refer for hospital consultant support as appropriate.

Referrals are usually made by GPs, but may also come from any health care professional. When patients with respiratory problems and other conditions are thought to need oxygen, they are referred for an oxygen assessment at one of our community clinics, or, if house bound, in their own home.

Our team of specialist clinicans will assess whether oxygen is appropriate and, if so, order the supply, provide support and follow up for the individual.

We also review all patients currently receiving home oxygen in Gloucestershire to make sure that their oxygen supply is appropriate for their condition, and provide ongoing care and support. Patients and their carers will be given advice regarding safety, travel and holiday oxygen in addition to day-to-day respiratory care advice.

Call: 0300 421 6666 (Option 4)
Airliquide: 08081 439999

Making a referral

Patients are referred to us by their GP, practice nurse, district nurse or consultant who will have already assessed them to see that this service will be of benefit to them.

At your first appointment, we will give you contact details for members of the team so that you can access the service which operates within office hours. Even if you are no longer under our care, you can call our team in the future and request support again any time.

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Useful links and information

British Lung Foundation and local BreatheEasy groups
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Local support groups
0800 015 1548

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