Mental health

We recognise that patients with mental health conditions may have difficulty in accessing dental care.

Specialised dentistry for those with mental health issues

Our experienced dental team work with patients and those who support them to ensure they maintain their oral health and receive dental care in a caring and understanding environment. It may be necessary to use behavioural techniques or inhalation sedation to facilitate dental treatment.

When to use this service

  • Do you or someone you care for have a psychiatric condition requiring support from a mental health team?
  • Do you/they experience extreme moods or cooperation problems?
  • Do you/they find it difficult to communicate with those around them? Would they be able to understand and consent to their dental treatment?
  • Do you/they require assistance to carry out and maintain oral hygiene?

You may be eligible to be treated by our service. We accept referrals from general dental practitioners and healthcare professionals. Ask about being referred to us for your dental treatment.