Dentistry for those with a physical disability

To receive dental treatment comfortably, patients with a physical disability may require specialist equipment, such as a wheelchair recliner or bariatric dental chair, which are available at some of our clinics.

Specialised dentistry for those with physical disabilities

All of our clinics are wheelchair friendly. However, it may be necessary to book an appointment at an alternative location in order to access specialist equipment.

Meet our specially-trained team

We work with patients and those involved in their care to ensure all treatment is carried out in a caring, professional manner, with reasonable adjustments as required, and in the best interest of the patient.

When to use this service

  • Do you or someone you care for have a physical disability preventing access to ground-floor dental practices, or may require specialist equipment in order to receive dental treatment?
  • Are you/they unable to weight bear or transfer to a dental chair?
  • Require a risk assessment and/or specialist equipment, eg. wheelchair recliner?
  • Do you/they find it difficult to communicate with those around them? Would they be able to understand and consent to their dental treatment?
  • Do you/they require assistance to carry out and maintain oral hygiene?

You may be eligible to be treated by our service. We accept referrals from general dental practitioners and healthcare professionals. Ask about being referred to us for your dental treatment.