If you live in Gloucestershire and phobias are affecting your everyday life, we can help. Find out more about the services we offer below.

What are phobias?

A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of a place, object or situation. Phobias can affect everyday life as the person may live their life in a certain way in order to avoid the subject of their phobia.

Getting help

Let’s talk can help

Let’s Talk is our Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service. We offer guidance, courses and talking therapies that give you the skills and techniques to manage difficult days, lift your mood and improve your overall wellbeing.

It is a free service and is there to listen, help and suggest the best way forward for you.

Access Let’s Talk

You can refer yourself to Let’s Talk by calling 0800 073 2200, or you can ask you GP to refer you.
For more information about the support available, please visit the Let's Talk website.

Let's Talk

Treatment options

Most phobias are curable, but there is no single treatment option which is guaranteed to work. Some people choose to just live their lives avoiding the subject of their phobia but this isn’t always possible.

Treatment options for phobias can include self-help techniques, talking treatments and medication.

Find out more about treatments for phobias on the NHS Choices website.

Our teams and services

Where to find us, and which services can help you.

Information for professionals

Notes on services, contacts and treatments for healthcare professionals.

Let's Talk is our Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service for patients registered with a GP in Gloucestershire.

Patients are able to self-refer; however Primary Health Care Professionals can refer patients to our service on their behalf.

Find out more about referring a patient to Let's Talk on our dedicated website

Let's Talk


News stories linked to phobias and related conditions.

Further help and support

Other organisations who can help or who partner with us.

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