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Our latest Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) results put us above the national average for mental health and learning disability settings in all of the six domains for the first time since PLACE began in 2013.

The 2018 assessments took place between April and May this year.

Michael Banks, Head of Facilities for ²gether NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’re really proud of these results as they demonstrate the great care and attention we pay to providing high quality, therapeutic facilities for our service users. We cannot underestimate the impact this has on the experience people receive while being cared for by our Trust.”

PLACE are self-assessments carried out by local volunteers who go into hospitals as part of a team. The teams assess how well the environment supports a number of non-clinical aspects of the premises identified as important by patients and the public.  These aspects are known as domains: privacy and dignity, food, cleanliness, general building maintenance, and how well the needs of patents with dementia and disabilities are met.

The criteria for each domain represent good practice as identified by professional organisations whose members are responsible for the delivery of these services, including the Hospital Caterers Association (HCA); Health Estates and Facilities Management Association (HefmA) and Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP); all three of which the Trust or its leadership team are members of.

PLACE focuses entirely on the care environment and does not cover clinical care provision or how well staff are doing their job.  It is the only non-clinical assessment of the Trust’s activities.

PLACE aims to promote the principles established by the NHS Constitution that focus on areas that matter to patients, families and carers: putting patients first, active feedback from the public, patients and staff, adhering to basics of quality care and committing to ensure services are provided in a clean and safe environment that is fit for purpose. Where standards fall short, they should be able to draw it to the attention of managers and hold the service to account.

The assessments take place every year, and the results are reported publicly via NHS Digital to help drive improvements in the care environment.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire and Healthwatch Herefordshire were the lead partners in undertaking the PLACE assessments for ²gether this year. Healthwatch provided patient assessors who made up a minimum of 50% of an inspection team with a minimum of two patient assessors on each inspection. The Trust provided the other 50% of the inspection team, providing at least one senior nursing lead and one Estates and Facilities Department lead on each inspection team.

The following sites were assessed this year:

  • Wotton Lawn
  • Charlton Lane
  • Laurel House
  • Honeybourne
  • Berkeley House
  • Oak House
  • Stonebow

Our results this year were as follows:

Domain Cleanliness Food overall Privacy, dignity and wellbeing Condition, appearance and maintenance Dementia Disability
Overall ²gether score 99.64% 94.60% 93.11% 99.20% 90.18% 91.19%
National Average MH/LD 98.40% 90.60% 91.00% 95.40% 88.30% 87.70%