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* Please be aware that the Care Home Support Team does not have a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist.

What does a Speech and Language Therapist do?

A Speech and Language Therapist can help people who are experiencing problems with:

  • speaking
  • understanding
  • reading or writing
  • swallowing
  • voice

They do this by;

  • formal and informal assessment
  • diagnosing the difficulty
  • giving therapy- both specific to the identified problem and to increase functionality
  • providing and training in the use of communication aids (if appropriate)
  • using counselling skills
  • educating and supporting family and carers regarding the difficulty and how to help
  • giving training sessions 
  • working with other professionals

How do I access Speech and Language Therapy?

For swallowing issues, you need to ask your resident’s GP to make a formal referral to the service. This can only be done by a doctor.

For communication issues, anyone can refer to the service. You do this by contacting Speech and Language Therapy Team, on 0300 422 8105 

Where will I receive Speech and Language Therapy?

The Speech and language therapist will initially visit you at your home. If the problem is with swallowing we will need a referral from a Doctor to see you. If the problem is with communication the person, their family, friends or support workers can refer them. You may be invited for further therapy at out-patient clinics or you may be reviewed at home, depending on your needs.

If you are admitted to hospital the Speech and Language Therapist will see you in hospital and help to get you home as soon as possible.

What do I do if I am unhappy about the service I am receiving?

If your concern is about the service you are receiving from the Speech and Language Therapy Service, you can discuss this with your Speech and Language Therapist or contact the Manager of the Speech and Language Therapy Department at 0300 422 8105.

After this, if you still feel you need to discuss it further, you can contact our service experience team on 0300 421 8313.