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Covid 19 Information

Please visit www.ghc.nhs.uk/coronavirus/

Charges for information

In general, all information is free of charge via the website or by requesting a single hard copy.  However, the Trust may charge a nominal fee to respond to a request for a paper copy or copies in alternative formats.  The charges will vary according to how information is made available.  Charging details are as follows:

  • Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust website www.glos-care.nhs.uk Information is free of charge, although any charges for the internet service provider and personal printing costs would have to be met by the individual requesting information.
  • Single page print-out from the website: available free of charge from the Publication Scheme Lead or by personal application at Trust Headquarters (Edward Jenner Court, 1010 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucestershire GL3 4AW).  We will not provide print-outs from other organisation’s websites.
  • Multiple page print-outs and archived copies of documents that are not available on the website: there may be a charge to cover disbursements such as photocopying and postage.  We will let you know, in advance, the cost and charges that have to be made.
  • Leaflets and brochures: free of charge for leaflets or booklets on, for example, services we offer to the public.  A list is available from the Publication Scheme Lead.
  • “Glossy” or other bound paper copies, CD ROM, video or other media: a charge will be made for information in these formats.  Please contact the Publication Scheme Lead for further information.
  • E-mail: information sent by e-mail will usually be free of charge unless stated otherwise.
  • The current photocopying charges are 25 pence per double-sided A4 sheet and ** pence per double-sided A3 sheet (to include postage and packing).  Where total photocopying charges are less than £2.00 those charges may be waived. The charges will be reviewed regularly, and this section of the Scheme updated accordingly.
Publication Scheme Lead

Email: freedomofinformation@glos.nhs.uk or write to the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Lead, Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, Edward Jenner Court, 1010 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucestershire GL3 4.AW


The material available through this Publication Scheme is subject to Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust’s copyright unless otherwise indicated. Unless expressly indicated on the material to the contrary, it may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium, provided it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading manner. Where any of the copyright items in this Scheme are being re-published or copied to others, you must identify the source of the material and acknowledge the copyright status.

Permission to reproduce material does not extend to any material accessed through the Publication Scheme that is the copyright of third parties. You must obtain authorisation to reproduce such material from the copyright holders concerned.

For Office of Public Sector Information (HMSO) guidance notes on a range of copyright issues, see the OPSI website  http://www.opsi.gov.uk/advice/crown-copyright/copyright-guidance/index.htm, or contact:

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) Licensing Division
St Clements House
2-16 Colegate

Tel: 01603 621000
Fax: 01603 723000
e-mail: opsilicensing@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk