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Covid 19 Information

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We will soon be carrying out the 2020 CQC community mental health survey to find out what patients think about the mental health care that we provide.

This survey is part of the NHS Patient Survey Programme.

Why are we doing another patient survey?

The survey needs to be run regularly using the same method and asking the same (or similar) questions so that we can see any changes in patients’ experiences over time. This enables us to make improvements in a specific area if people’s responses show a poor experience. It also helps us to evaluate the success of quality improvement initiatives implemented since the last survey.

It’s vital to gather feedback from patients and take their views and priorities into account to improve the quality of care.

When is the survey happening?

Questionnaires will be posted to a sample of patients during February. A reminder will then be sent to those who have not responded.

Patients are being asked about various aspects of their care, including the quality of care and treatment, communication with staff, information, and environment of facilities.

Who is the questionnaire being sent to?

The questionnaire will be sent to a sample of patients, who used our services. An external survey contractor is administering the survey so that patients’ responses are anonymous to us.

How have we used the results from previous survey?

Results from the 2019 survey helped to identify areas where there was most room for improvement. A summary of the key findings from the previous survey was shared around the Trust and an action plan was created to guide us in making improvements, where required.

Where can I find out more?

Please contact our Patient Experience Team on 0300 421 8313 or email experience@ghc.nhs.uk.