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A cut out and keep guide to safer drinking has been produced to help people safeguard their mental and physical health.

The credit card-sized guide – produced by the ²gether NHS Foundation Trust – is available to print out and keep in a purse or wallet, to be available at all times.

Dr Karen Williams, Associate Medical Director and Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist with the Trust, said people could easily become confused about how much alcohol was considered safe to drink.

“If people stick to the recommended guidelines for alcohol, then drinking is not too much of a problem, providing you have an otherwise healthy liver,” Dr Williams said.

“However, excessive alcohol consumption can have long term health impacts, including heart disease and psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety. It can also impact upon your everyday life and affect your friends and family. 

“Even relatively moderate drinking can exacerbate existing mental health conditions.

“Although it may give you the impression that it provides relief from anxiety and stress, it is not healthy to rely on drink to do this.

“It’s sometimes hard to keep track of how much you are drinking, particularly if you are going to parties where others are pouring your drinks or topping up your glass, but this guide should help you to have some idea of what your units.”

To print out the guide click here 

Anyone suffering with mental health or alcohol dependency issues should speak to their family GP for advice. Further information on mental health and alcohol dependency issues is available elsewhere on our website.