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Have you ever thought about volunteering?

Volunteers enrich our organisation and we greatly value the huge contribution they make.  Volunteering also brings proven benefits to people’s health and wellbeing.

Volunteers’ Week runs from 1-7 June and we want to encourage people to consider bringing their skills to us in exchange for the chance to develop new ones.

²gether is also supporting the initiative as a way of celebrating the diversity that volunteers bring to the Trust and thanking them for giving up their time to make a difference.

Lauren Edwards, Deputy Director for Engagement, ²gether NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “Our volunteers play a key role in helping us to provide high quality care and they enhance what we do by bringing their time, life experience and often a different perspective on things.

“Volunteers’ Week is an ideal opportunity for us to spread the word about the benefits of volunteering, not just for our organisation but for the individuals who sacrifice their time.

“People feedback to us that they find it beneficial to meet and connect with others and gain valuable experience. Often this can be helpful for people who are preparing for a new job.

“Feeling that you’re making a valuable contribution is also an ideal way to boost your own emotional wellbeing, and the contribution made by volunteers helps promote hope, recovery and social inclusion.”

The benefits of volunteering include:

  • meeting new people
  • gaining new skills and experience
  • improving job prospects
  • increasing confidence
  • being an active member of the community

²gether NHS Foundation Trust offers a range of volunteering opportunities, which currently includes a gardening volunteer, a membership volunteer, an allotment volunteer, a speech and language therapy volunteer, and a volunteer driver.  To find out more about these vacancies and other opportunities visit ghc.nhs.uk/volunteer

We will be sharing experiences of our volunteers throughout the week on our website and social media channels.