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Led by Paul Gaze, volunteer guide at SkillZone, the group explored a variety of scenarios in the ‘home zone’ that could present danger, including hidden hazards in the kitchen, trips and falls on the stairs and a demonstration of how to contain a house fire.

Paul Gaze, a volunteer guide at SkillZone, explained why the group focussed on the ‘home zone’ scenario: “The home can be one of the most dangerous environments without people even realising it. Aside from obvious things, like sharp knives and hot irons which can present danger, the risk that domestic cleaning products pose to children is something that people may not think of automatically. By taking people in responsible family roles through these scenarios we can open their eyes to these hidden dangers”

Hasumati Mistry, Hindu Elders group co-ordinator said: “Having the opportunity to go to Skillzone has been very beneficial, it gives a very real and hands on approach to learning that is easily transferable back to the community. Sessions like these have a really positive knock on effect.”

Anna Gibbins, of the Trust’s healthy lifestyle service said: “I have been working with the Hindu Elders for some time and they had asked how they could learn more about staying safe and healthy in their day-to-day lives, so bringing them to SkillZone was the perfect option. Trips and falls can in turn lead to something more incapacitating. SkillZone provides an environment that makes the dangers of daily life very visual, which makes it easier to effectively communicate the educational message.”

The healthy lifestyle service works closely with individuals and a variety of community groups across Gloucestershire to improve understanding and change behaviours across a range of health and social issues that affect everyone.


photograph: Paul Gaze, volunteer guide at SkillZone, with three members of the Hindu Elders group


•    The Hindu Elders group is a voluntary group which meets once a week at Charter House in Gloucester. The group organise trips for the group which have a social and educational purpose.
•     SkillZone is a state of the art life size village in Tuffley which has 16 real life scenarios in an environment designed to promote education for people of all ages about the hidden dangers and hazards in day to day life. Scenarios include, the home, crossing the road, an alleyway, railway awareness and more. More information about SkillZone can be found on their website: http://skillzone.glosfire.gov.uk/