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The annual report from the Directors of Infection Prevention and Control, Trish Jay and Dr Philippa Moore, was accepted by the Trust Board on 25 June 2012.

The report summarises the infection control activities over the year of 2011-12 and concludes that the infection control risk in the Trust remains low and that the Trust remains compliant with the Health and Social Care Act: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance (The Hygiene Code).

Key points from the report include:

  1. During 2011-12 mental health services in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire were merged
  2. Hand hygiene compliance across the whole service exceeded its target of 90%
  3. Cleaning measurements improved during the year
  4. There were no MRSA infections and only two patients who were screen positive for colonisation
  5. There were no cases of Clostridium difficile across the organisation
  6. There were five outbreaks of diarrhoea and vomiting during the year on different inpatient wards, probably related to Norovirus
  7. Compliance with water management controls was improved during the year with the establishment of a Water, Environment, Equipment, and Buildings (WEEB) group to oversee issues
  8. Measurements around the good use of antibiotics have improved over the year and, following the merger, data is now collected from all areas including HMP Gloucester
  9. All infection control services including liaison and advice, audit, teaching, etc were maintained across all areas during the year

To read the full report click here.