Life As An Apprentice: Sam’s Story

Feb 8, 2021 | Gloucestershire, News

I started my apprenticeship in 2020 with the IT department based at Edward Jenner Court! This was the first job I had that gave me real responsibilities and opportunities to succeed, grow and learn and they have really allowed me to expand my skill set among the department making me more useful!

I’ve always wanted to-do something within IT, But I wasn’t quite sure what path I wanted to take, thankfully this apprenticeship shown up and it matched everything I would want to learn and expand on!  I didn’t get my Maths and English GCSE at school and I never went to University so I didn’t know if I would get the chance at an apprenticeship. To my surprise, I was invited to an interview and from there got the job. This was such a surprise for me as I was mega nervous!

But I was super excited to start my IT career with such an amazing team!

During my apprenticeship, I learned so many amazing valuable skills and expanded my knowledge to excel at my role. The whole time of my apprenticeship I was supported by my manager, team members, mentor, and the apprenticeship team which makes such a huge difference.  While getting to know my team, I took a chance to introduce myself to all the departments and try to learn as many skills and tried to enhance my current understanding to help all the different teams!

During my apprenticeship, I tried to enlist myself on as many training courses as I could because I really wanted to make myself standout as an apprentice and I feel like I’ve done just that!

During the course of my apprenticeship I have received a large amount of compliment emails from Deputy Directors and Directors praising me on my attitude and my work ethic, this really boosted my confidence and has really given me the fever to continue to learn and expand my skillset!

I finish my apprenticeship this March and I feel like this has flown by, I have loved every minute of it, I have gained some serious good skills to help me in my future career although I would hate to leave this amazing team here at the GHC trust, it has been an amazing experience to work along side my team and I would seriously do it all again!

My new qualifications will enable me to fly into another service desk analyst so quickly! It has really pushed me up the ladders!


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