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Courses aimed at soothing stress and anxiety and mood boosting are starting in Cirencester next month.

The two courses, offered by ²gether NHS Foundation Trust’s Let’s Talk service, are free and aimed at learning skills to manage and improve mental health and wellbeing. 

Alex Burrage, from Let’s Talk, said: “These courses are psycho educational, and will allow anyone who attends to learn skills, such as relaxation and mindfulness techniques, to help improve their overall wellbeing.

“They are about overcoming stress, anxiety and low mood through tried and tested techniques, with the aim of bringing about lasting improvements in mental health.”

The ‘Soothe Your Stress and Anxiety Course’, which starts on April 10, will teach participants:

  • New problem solving skills;
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques;
  • About the panic cycle and how to break it;
  • How to recognise the physical effects of stress and anxiety;
  • How to understand stress and anxiety and its causes and impact on your life; and
  • How to identify helpful and unhelpful thoughts and change them.

The ‘Boost Your Mood’ course starts on April 11, and will cover:

  • Developing a plan to prevent relapse;
  • Being able to identify obstacles for motivation and action;
  • Knowing different relaxation and mindfulness exercises;
  • Planning a valued direction and smart goals for the future;
  • Understanding how low mood and depression develops and is maintained; and
  • Learning effective ways to improve sleep, diet, exercise and time management.

Each course lasts six weeks. Courses are educational and are not a therapy group so we ask that if you have pressing concerns about your mental health and need immediate help or support, you contact your GP or the Samaritans (08457 909090) .

To find out if this course would be suitable for you, or to find out about a range of other courses offered, please ring Let’s Talk on 0800 0732200.

For further details visit https://www.talk2gether.nhs.uk/.