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In 1961, when John F Kennedy was visiting NASA for the first time, he asked a man what he did there.

“I am helping put a man on the moon” was the now famous reply. The man was one of the janitors.

Pascual heads up our Hotel Services Team at Charlton Lane Hospital, in Cheltenham.

Just like the janitor who talked to JFK, Pascual and his team ‘get’ the purpose of our Trust – ‘Making Life Better’.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with them today, which gave me the opportunity to thank them for the vital role they play in developing and delivering services. I was able to play back to them comments from service users, carers, visitors and our own clinical teams. Comments like:

  • “The best welcome I have ever had”.
  • “Thank you for caring and thinking to ask how I was after I had visited my husband”.
  • “Nothing is too much trouble”.
  • “As colleagues they are brilliant, always smiling, always helpful. We couldn’t do our clinical work without their support.”

Pascual is a leader who cares about his team. He knows that recruiting and developing the right people, setting clear priorities and saying thank you goes a long way.

We are lucky in 2gether that this is an experience I have time and time again across our Trust. We don’t get everything right all of the time; nobody does. Like all good teams, Pascual’s team were also clear what they needed from me as the CEO in order to help them be the best that they could be.

In this sense I work for them and I have gone away clear about how the rest of the Board and I can continue to support Pascual and his team to be as brilliant as they are.

Shaun Clee

Chief Executive

2gether NHS Foundation Trust