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We’re supporting Gloucestershire’s 2012 drink drive campaign, which was launched on Friday (Nov 30).


Dr Karen Williams, Associate Medical Director and Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist with ²gether NHS Foundation Trust, attended the launch and said that it was very important to remember that even one drink may have an impact on your ability to drive safely.


“Even a small amount of alcohol has an impact on our ability to perform tasks such as driving. It is impossible to calculate how much you might be able to safely drink before driving because everybody is different,” Dr Williams said.


“There are lots of myths about alcohol, with some people thinking that eating a big meal will lessen the impact drinking has on your body. It might slow the rate at which alcohol gets into your system, but it won’t prevent it.


“People also think that drinking coffee, having a shower and sleeping will make alcohol leave their system quicker, making them safe to drive the morning after the night before. This just isn’t true. Alcohol generally leaves our system at the rate of one unit an hour, and nothing we do will speed that process up.


“The only way to be sure you will not be over the limit is to avoid alcohol altogether if you are driving.”


The theme for this year’s campaign – being run by the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership – is Eat, Think and Be Merry.


The campaign’s messages are being promoted using posters placed throughout the county at petrol stations, shops and on the roads. Meanwhile a branded van will target areas across Gloucestershire during December to spread the message.

Dave Hornibrook, Assistant Chief Fire Officer and head of the Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership, said: “We deal with the effects of drink driving throughout the year and we see the often tragic consequences of just having one or two drinks before getting behind the wheel.

“We hope that motorists enjoy the Christmas and New Year celebrations, but that they separate their drinking from their driving. The alternative is not worth thinking about.”

Inspector for Roads Policing at Gloucestershire Police Jason Keates said: “The message is simple – you can’t know your own alcohol limit so don’t take the risk. The only way to be sure you are safe to drive is to have none for the road.

“If drivers think they can get away with it, they should think again. Officers are enforcing this law every day of the year.”

Within the first 24 hours of this year’s campaign being launched, Gloucestershire Police made three arrests for drink driving.


The campaign is also focussed on combating drug driving – which can also lead to arrest and a driving ban.

For more about the campaign visit http://www.eatthinkbemerry.org.uk/.


If you are concerned about alcohol consumption speak to your family GP or contact an alcohol support service, such as the Independence Trust – http://www.independencetrust.co.uk/home-page.aspx


To find out more about alcohol and your health click here: