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Female patients at Wotton Lawn hospital added their voices to International Women’s Day by developing a display of inspirational women throughout history.

People on the 15-bed Dean Ward spent the weeks leading up to the day on Sunday (March 8) decorating the entrance with a collection of images and information about dozens of pioneering women.

The display, organised by healthcare assistant Jackie Beazer, was originally intended to surround the door which leads into the ward but grew in build-up to take over most of the room.

Charge Nurse Claire Holloway said: “We got a little bit carried away this year! But the ladies really enjoyed it.

“It’s lovely to get them involved in a project like this, and this seemed quite poignant because of our women and the struggles they faced – it shows you can achieve whatever you want and they all recognise that.”

Among the several dozen portraits on display around the room were Virginia Woolf and Beatrix Potter, diarist Anne Frank, poet and activist Maya Angelou, physicist and chemist Marie Curie and nurse Florence Nightingale, artist Frida Kahlo and aviator Bessie Coleman.

Contemporaries making the list included actress Angelina Jolie, Her Majesty The Queen and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Molly, a patient at Wotton Lawn who was involved in building the display, said: “It was quite interesting that patients and staff were all coming out with similar people. Although Maya Angelou was one I picked who was definitely new to the list.”

So which was that the inspirational woman that resonated with her the most?

Molly laughed: “I don’t think this is about individuals – collectively these women are a force to be reckoned with.”